July 19, 2024

Due to this competition, the growing mental stress and illness were brought under the knowledge of the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri. Soon he decided to bring about a funny change in the Instagram reach policy quite secretively, which he thought would please the community but instead backfired.

How will the influencers deal with this?
In the past few years of being on Instagram, I realized why people are so addicted. It’s not a drug to die for, but what is to die for is the entertainment given to the people who make the content and the ones who watch it. Still, jokes apart, it is an excellent source of joy, and many people work hard to make their content. I have made quite a few friends who work very hard for their posts, and what most of them think is that Instagram has given them a unique number and quality of audience; their support has meant a lot to these influencers until the recent backset due to the lessening of likes, shares, etc. most of them have become more consistent with their contents. They are trying their best to cope up with this whole “instant instagram followers” situation.
The policy was to hide the actual number of likes on people’s posts. You will be able to see which friends in your list liked the same position but not the count of likes instantly, like earlier. There were times when some well-known influencers also talked about issues where their Instagram likes were being reduced, literally. This did not help the content creators or the usual users but made it worse for them.

The fact that Instagram likes are just a factor that gives rise to comparison among the users in such a big community is nothing new to us, but it is undeniable that we look forward to it. We, humans, love attention, appreciation, and being called with the right names no matter what.

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